Sunday, 26 October 2014

River Safari in Singapore

I don't really travel overseas all the time, so today's post will be about one of Singapores own attractions.. Even though Singapore is a tiny country, there are many places to be seen. In fact, having met a number of travelers, I've found that there are still many hidden sights in Singapore waiting for me to discover. As luck would have it, my friend had a few free tickets to the River Safari and had invited me to tag along as well. Having never been there before, I naturally jumped at the opportunity, packing my severely under used camera equipment along too.

The River Safari is not a very large site and I would say 3-4 hours is sufficient to see pretty much everything at a fairly relaxed pace. Considering that the group of friends i went with consisted of camera lugging toons, each vying for a good angle at almost every single enclosure/exhibit,we were going at a very slow pace which should match families which are visiting with many young children.

With the exception of the boat ride, we did manage to cover all the other sights. From what I've heard though, we didn't miss much skipping the boat ride, so no loss. In general, I'd recommend it if you've got time to spare and the weather is kind with no rain. most of the enclosures are sheltered, but there are a few which are in the open.

Crocodile Gar

Mississippi Paddlefish

African Dwarf Crocodile 

Giraffe Catfish

Mekong Giant Catfish

Red Panda

Squirrel monkey

Xingu Platinum Pleco


Giant River Otter

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