Thursday, 8 June 2017

Unboxing the duplex

I've been thinking about getting a really high end tent for a while now since i heard about Cuben fiber as a material for ultralight backpacking! Currently I'm carrying a tent which someone left behind but figured it would be great to have something that was of a higher quality. Two of the issues I had with looking at Cuben fiber made gear were the cost and also the lack of freestanding options. After browsing through a couple of brands such as Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Zpacks and many others , I decided to plunk down a wad of cash on a Duplex from Zpacks as it had an optional freestanding kit. All in The whole set up including pegs is less than a Kilogram! As I already had a flight to catch, I made sure to check with them to ensure that I could get it all before I left. Would be really shitty to have to get my family to ship it from US to South America. And with the reliability of mail( I have already lost an entire box shipping Canada to US which had a lot of outdoor gear) I really didn't want to risk it with shipping to South America where I had heard worse horror stories!

Anyway Less than 5 working days later, this arrived!
Totally stoked that it finally came as it is a kind of huge investment if you check up on the price of the whole item!

As expected, all the items were really small and light! I think that the box it was shipped in was almost half the weight of everything put together! The only issue I have is that they only sent me 2 rings in the freestanding kit instead of 4 so I wasn't able to set it up! The customer service was exemplary though as I received the 2 rings 2 days after I had emailed them to let them know about the error!