Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mumbai, India (1-3 June 2013)

Filler post. Not much text, just photos. Took this trip on the spur of the moment and really paid a premium on it. My flight to Mumbai on SQ was SGD1.3K and my domestic flight on Go-Air from Mumbai to Ladakh was another 1.3K.

This was a trip which i had not intended to go on. I'd been asked by Elizabeth a couple of months back but had declined. Sometimes the need to escape from ugly things drive you to do financially silly things like buying tickets 2 days before flying. Anyway the trip was planned  from the 3rd til the 9th of June. Since I was in a silly mood, I agreed to go and decided that I should spend a few days in Mumbai as well. Liz had kindly agreed to let me stay in her spare room at her apartment. As the first of June was a Saturday as well, I'd also have someone to show me around the streets of Mumbai!

Day 1: Mumbai ( Gateway, Bazaar, Victoria Terminus)

Day 2: Elephanta caves. Ferry took a while so it was pretty much a whole day trip. I was reminded of Petra (Jordan) which I had visited the same year. Just much hotter and more humid as well. Ended the day with some of the local sweets and of course a kingfisher beer!

Day 3: Not much photos at all as it was raining the whole day and all I did was walk out to the nearby mall for Macdonalds :( The same night we head to Ladakh too! I was on a different flight from the other folks though, but we'd all be transiting in Delhi and taking the same plane from Delhi to Leh Airport.

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